1glasnost_35.99  2blocherhaider_43.99  3uriella_01.00  4bignasca_02.00  5fluglaerm_23.00  6gates_24.00  7oblhase_13.02  8schumi_47.00
 9maradona_06.01 10francoundsteph_10.01 11mir_11.01 12rinderwertigkeit_12.01 13bush_28.01 14schlingensief_34.01 15expo_50.01 16muehlemann_09.02
17lepenfrance_24.02 18queencamilla_33.02 19swisspiloten_30.02 20tvduell_35.02- 21ebner_44.02 22bushobl_47.02 23ruthli_03.03 24alinghi_07.03
25dictator_13.03 26saddam_17.03 27pasciundubbelyou_22.03 28blair_24.03 29zaech_30.03 30dieletzte_33.03    
Demontage (Dismantling) is a photo satire on politics, economy, sports and culture
which appeared for four and a half years in FACTS, a weekly news magazine. Here some of the highlights.
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